National Landlords Association

There are now over 50 Acts of Parliament and more than 70 sets of regulations governing the private-rented sector.

This increasingly heavy regulatory burden means it is more important than ever that landlords understand the legal and regulatory environment in which they manage their lettings.

We seek a fair legal and regulatory environment for landlord and tenant, and actively lobby the government at all levels on behalf of our members. We also help ensure that our members are aware of their statutory rights and responsibilities.

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We currently represent over 19,000 fee paying members throughout the UK and from all walks of life; from full-time landlords with large property portfolios to those with houses-of-multiple-occupancy or with single bedroom flats.

It's not just landlords who see the value in, and importance of, what we do for the sector! Many Agents have joined us for the additional support and advice we can offer.

  • Five of the largest buy-to-let lenders have joined us as special corporate members.
  • Over ninety Local Authorities recognise the importance of membership.
  • Many recognised suppliers providing services to the industry.


1973 - Small Landlords Association founded to support residential landlords, and lobby local and national government.

2003 - Renamed the National Landlords Association (NLA) to reflect our growing membership.

2006 - NLA relocates head office to central London to better support its members. Membership exceeds 7,500, located in every postcode area of the UK. NLA appointed by UK Government to run Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme.

2007 - Membership continues to grow – now over 19,000 fee-paying members.

2008 - NLA merges with the National Federation of Residential Landlords to form the largest landlord representative in the United Kingdom with almost 19,000 members.